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Rooney Mara Daily

The first Rooney Mara live journal.

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First Live Journal for all & everything Rooney Mara

Welcome to Rooney Mara Daily, a live journal community dedicated to Rooney Mara. Rooney is better known for starring "Dare", "A Nightmare On Elm Street", "Tanner Hall" & her most anticipate movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". If you have any further more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Do feel free to post any news, pictures, & such of Rooney.

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01. No bashing Rooney. Any of posts, comments will be deleted. Member(s) that violate this rule will be warned/banned accordingly.

02. Only Rooney posts. This is a Rooney Mara LJ community & the topic must be related to Rooney such as (fan encounter/video/audio/picspam/release dates/plot summaries/set visits).